The concept of learning through games is not a new one, and it's becoming clear that learning through games is applicable for all ages.

In addition to schools, corporations are finding that playful approaches to solving problems often produce creative and powerful solutions. Also with the advent of computer technology, it has become easier to design and deliver interactive training, any time, anywhere.

For these reasons, EducationalGameWorks has created an educational tool that any organization can use to convey and reinforce its message.   Whether providing training to employees, or teaching a class, EducationalGameWorks can design and facilitate a game to support your needs.

  • Offsite retreats
  • Company events
  • Departmental meetings
  • In-house training
  • Orientation of new hires/recruits
  • Staff meetings and more

  • Powerful Emotional Learning - The state of competition, the involvement of the participants and the hands-on approach all contribute to greater awareness, fun and interest in the learning process
  • Real-time Feedback - Makes it possible to examine in real-time the results and impact of your training
  • Increases Understanding and Communications - Develops social interaction and communication
  • Flexibility - Can be used as a coaching tool, in a competition, or to facilitate a group discussion

  • Customized to include as many categories and questions as needed
  • Targeted to fit a variety of age groups
  • Can be presented in a large or small group settings
  • Software developed for traveling and stationary kiosks

Check out our most popular module, Career-Works, a program in the form of a career day event, presented in a game show format and facilitated by our staff. Get on board with this exciting new way to capture audiences, convey your message, and stimulate learning! Contact us for your free consultation.

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